About the event

Annual CEE SME Banking Club Conference

During Annual SME Banking Club Conferences for the Central and Eastern Europe region (CEE), business bankers and fintech experts meet to discuss the latest digital transformation trends in the SME banking segment and the role of new players in the SME financial services’ market.

Key Topics 2024


How AI is changing SME Banking. Banks’ use cases and strategies


Let’s discuss how the future customer journey will look like if we consider the latest technologies such as AI-powered customer service, adoption of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), usage of new data available (e-invoicing, open banking, etc.) and advanced data analytics to create a personalized offer.


How to be cyber secure and cyber resilient in SME Banking, considering the latest challenges: a shortage of professionals with cybersecurity skills, an increase of more sophisticated and smarter AI-powered attacks, and social engineering attacks. In 2024 it will be important to become cyber resilient, as the hard truth shows that even the best security measures can’t guarantee 100 percent protection. The ability to ensure continuity of operations in the situation of a cyber-attack is becoming a must.


After implementing main banking functionalities in digital banking channels for SMEs, banks should focus now on UX/UI to differentiate on the market, provide convenient digital banking for SMEs, and monetize more from digital banking. Let's discuss how UX/UI will shape the future of SME Banking.


It’s time to start actively using data, AI, and machine learning to drive efficiency and accuracy in SME risk management and decision-making. Because SME Risk Management is important for SMEs' business survival. It’s time to start lending to SMEs on a scale and monetize digital SME lending processes. Otherwise, why do you have SME Risk Management at all?


How to embrace interoperability and align with end-user platforms (banks, e-commerce, e-invoicing, accounting, and insurance offers) to compete for the benefit of the end-user (and scale).

Key Speakers 2024

Olena Gryniuk

CEE Director at SME Banking Club

Klaudia Archimowicz

Head of Client Services at Verita HR & Magazyn Rekruter

Katalin Kauzli

Co-founder & Business Development Director at Charlie-India

Christian Ruehmer

Co-Founder at Q-Lana Inc

Šimon Kočí

Co-founder at Everly.eu

Michał Pawlik

Executive MBA lecturer at Warsaw University of Technology Business School, Poland

Alexis Faulkner

Digital Banking Manager at BKS BANK

Andras Rung

Founder, CEO, UX Strategist at Ergomania

Deeptasree(Dee) Mitra

Managing Director, Contextual Banking, BaaS and Embedded Finance at Deutsche Bank

Stefanie Prinz

Head of UI/UX bei Erste Group Bank AG

Florent Odai

Group Product Owner SME Digital onboarding in CEE region at Raiffeisen Bank International

Enrique Caballero

EMEA Sales Director at Aware, Inc

Tomas Stegura

Executive Director - SME & Corporate segment management and business development at CSOB

Tomas Tagliani

General Manager and Co-Founder at Falcondale

Kamil Gosławski

Senior Key Account Manager at CRIF Poland

Balazs Topor

SME Product & Segment Leader at Raiffeisen Bank International

Diederick van Thiel

Visionary AI-tech entrepreneur, CEO at Advicerobo (Netherlands)

Gizem Örs

Digital Business Banking Tribe Lead at ING Türkiye

Onur Gul

Head of Digital & Remote Sales and Marketing, Business Banking at ING Türkiye

Kim Dressendoerfer

Senior Account Technical Leader at IBM, Founder of the A Woman in AI Initiative

Jan Lastuvka

CEO & Founder at Lemonero, The Czech Rep.

Amadeus von Kummer

Chief Market Officer at Teylor, Germany

Meaghan Johnson

Fintech researcher and consultant Founder at Digital Magss, Portugal

Michał Grabowski

Head of SME Ecosystem Division w mBank, Poland

Marcin Mosiolek

AI Domain Lead at Sii Poland

Clemens Müller

George Business Tribe Lead at Erste Group (Austria)

Vjačeslav Lypko

Head of International Expansion at Pragma Group (Poland)

Martina Sobková

Editor in Chief at Bankovnictvi Magazine (The Czech Rep.)

Paweł Jaszewski

Tribe Leader - Customer Lifecyle Tribe at BNP Paribas Bank Poland

Sarah Häger

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Enable Banking, Sweden

Gregor Bierent

CEO at NF Innova, Austria

Benjamin Berényi

CEO & Co-founder at PastPay, Hungary

Why to attend in 2024?


30+ speakers from different countries are ready to share with you their best practices, views, and strategy on servicing SME customers!


The only SME Banking Awards in the CEE region! Best SME bankers and digital SME Banking solutions will be awarded during the Awards Ceremony!


Virtual and In-Person experience. Join us In-Person or watch Conference Stream and Network Online!


In 2024, we gather in the most modern and the tallest building in Austria (and second tallest in the CEE region, having 220 m in height) with the best view of Vienna.

Annual CEE SME Banking Awards

  • The Best Online Banking in the CEE region
  • The Best Mobile Banking in the CEE region
  • The Best Digital SME Lending in the CEE region
  • The Best Digital SME Lending in the CEE region among FinTechs


CEE22: Cooperation between banks and fintechs. Interview with Šimon Kočí

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CEE23: Digitalizaion of SME Sales

How to acquire SME customers digitally - this was the topic of the panel discussion at our latest CEE23 SME Banking Conference, which took...

CEE23: Digital Customer Onboarding & prevention of frauds

How has the digital onboarding process of SME customers evolved over the past few years? What are the biggest challenges in the digital...

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Conference news

Olena Gryniuk is responsible for the development of the SME Banking Club in the CEE region. Before getting involved in the SME Banking Club activities, Olena was in charge of SME products and sales in Raiffeisen Bank and Eurobank groups.

About SME Banking Club
The SME Banking Club was established by a team of former SME bankers in 2010 as a professional network of bankers to exchange information and experiences in the segments of micro, small and medium-sized businesses. The SME Banking Club organizes regional SME banking conferences and webinars that bring together financial institutions, technology companies, and development finance institutions to share knowledge, spur innovation and promote the growth of SMEs in the region. Moreover, it provides its members with access to detailed analytical market reports and annual studies. SME Banking Club’s main activities are concentrated in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Klaudia has been leading teams delivering projects for banking clients at Verita HR since 2017. Her particular focus is on delivering human resources solutions to financial services and technology clients within Poland. Working mainly with Polish, Chinese, British, and U.S. clients with businesses and teams based in Warsaw and Krakow. Klaudia and her teams are also located in these financial and technological hubs. Klaudia attends and speaks at some of the leading Fintech and Banking events in Europe and the U.S., both in person and online. She is a specialist in all things blockchain, Web3 and digital assets. As well as specializing in working with quantitative and fixed income professionals within investment banking. Additionally, Klaudia works as the Digital Lead at Disruption Banking and Magazyn Rekruter. Ensuring that clients receive the most important stories affecting financial services and organizational development. These stories are driven by data. And they use the most effective storytelling and the most engaging visuals.

Katalin Kauzli is a co-founder of Partner HUB Ltd, the developer of a white label digital invoice management solution for banks. Charlie-India is the core IT platform for the BUPA and OTP eBIZ solutions.

Simon is an innovation, user experience, and marketing lover, and a co-founder at Everly.eu – online magazine oriented on innovative Challenger banks and fintech.

Enrique Caballero works at Aware Inc, as Sales Director EMEA, for the Biometrics division. His areas of function include evangelizing Aware’s Biometrics and Digital Identity solutions and their impact on transforming the government and private sectors landscape.

Founder & CEO. With a team of 50 UX-UI designers, Andras creates user interfaces and voice solutions that generate conversion.
With ten years of banking experience, Florent leads at Raiffeisen Bank International Group in driving Digital Acquiring Products, Group Strategy, and transforming Network Banks in Central and Eastern Europe.
Senior manager with a background in both Business and IT in the banking industry. Experience with project and agile deliveries and business transformations. Currently responsible for Segment management and business development for SME & Corporate of ČSOB bank Leader of client cyber security and protection cooperation in the Czech banking market under the banner of the Czech Banking Association. Member of the supervisory board of a leading Czech company in qualified digital signing. Experience in both Retail banking and Corporate banking.
Over 10 years of experience in data management and digital transformation. Mainly related to the financial sector – banks, as well as the e-commerce sector and global corporate companies. Specialization in analysis and optimization of business processes, data management, implementation of digital solutions, workflow systems, and decision engines (On-premises, SaaS, Cloud). Additionally, supports organizations in the analysis and implementation of solutions in the areas of risk management, open banking, ESG, antifraud, AML, ML (Machine Learning), BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), and ECM (Enterprise Content Management). All of that brings new quality and additional value for organizations.

Visionary AI-tech entrepreneur. Diederick advises the board of directors and leadership teams on digital business development, digitalization, and automated, machine learning-based, financial decision-making.

Big behavioral data & AI for FinTech, Banking, Smart Building, PropTech, E-commerce, Mobile telecom

Sarah Häger is the CCO at Enable Banking where she is evangelizing Open Banking, Open Finance, and Financial APIs to further accelerate innovation in the financial industry. She has previously worked in a large bank, across several countries (Europe-wide) and along the value chain, with the main mission to provide value for corporate customers. The last 7 years she spent on taking the open banking vision from PowerPoint to the multi-awarded solution of today. She is passionate about innovation, technology, and creating commercial opportunities out of regulation.
Meaghan is a fintech researcher and consultant with 12 years of experience driving customer-focused innovation in financial services. Passionate about using emerging technologies and business models to increase financial inclusion, improve banking, and create the best possible customer experiences. A writer and keynote speaker, covering European product, regulatory, and tech trends at Forbes.com, drawing on extensive experience in London, Berlin, Scandinavia, and Lisbon.
Kim is an experienced player with a demonstrated history of working in the Artificial Intelligence, Data science, information technology, and services industry. Certified in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Analysis, Sales, Databases, Big Data Analytics, Management, and Business Process Management.

Jan is disrupting the funding market for eCommerce & Omnichannel companies as the Founder & CEO at Lemonero.

Experienced entrepreneur, skilled in eCommerce, Fintech, and entrepreneurship.

* Founder & CEO at MonkeyData – an eCommerce analytics company with 30,000 customers in 30+ countries.

* International speaker focused on Fintech, eCommerce, Data and AI (spoken at events in Austin (USA), Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Athens, Prague)

* AYLP alumnus and member of The Aspen Institute Central Europe.

* Founder of “Future Education Initiative”, the educational platform which helps teachers in the Czech Republic gain access to the world‘s best courses and teaching methods.

* Volunteer and Member of the Board of Centre PANT – NGO with a focus on Modern History and Politics.

Nelson Wootton is the co-founder and CEO of SaaScada. Nelson has held many senior technology and business roles over the last 20 years, including several CTO and CIO roles delivering global projects.

Nelson is a cloud evangelist, having worked on and in cloud (and nothing but cloud) since 2006. His extensive experience and huge passion for technology and its ability to transform business processes, coupled with a track record of delivery, has enabled transformational changes in numerous businesses over the years. He has led, scaled and exited two technology businesses. As a huge technology enthusiast, Nelson still gets excited by the possibilities!

Marcin Mosiołek, an Applied AI Expert and AI Solutions Architect at SII Poland has a robust 13-year background in commercial artificial intelligence. His professional journey encompasses roles such as AI Manager and Head of AI, contributing significantly to projects in autonomous driving, document analysis, and computer vision. Marcin excels in bridging the gap between theoretical AI concepts and practical applications, particularly in the realm of information retrieval and the development of innovative search-related products. Currently, his focus is on Retrieval Augmented Generation and developing effective embeddings for search. His expertise in these areas earned him the Microsoft AI MVP award in 2024. Marcin holds an M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science with a specialization in AI from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology.
Purposeful and independent business journalist and finance PhD.
Customer-driven and targeted-oriented manager with expertise in business transformation, product & process optimization, and digitalization in SME & Corporate Banking areas. For +10 years I’ve been responsible for transaction banking products and digital banking ecosystems. Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner (CSASP). Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO). Agile Tribe Leader
Benjamin Berényi is the Co-founder and CEO of PastPay. He has a background in finance and management consulting and holds a Masters degree from Rotterdam School of Management. PastPay is the leading B2B BNPL provider in Central Eastern Europe. It enables B2B merchants to let their buyers pay with flexible payment terms while receiving revenues instantly. This boost in the buyers’ liquidity results in an average growth of 10-20% in merchants’ revenues. PastPay offers an omnichannel solution and takes over associated default risks, this way becoming a true partner in B2B trade.