CEE23: Creation of SME Ecosystems: role of banks & fintechs

Ecosystems and embedded offers are the only way to sell financial products to SMEs at the right moment, when and where customers might need them.

How to create such an experience and how exactly banks should participate in the SME ecosystems – this was the topic of one of the discussion panels during the latest CEE23 SME Banking Conference, which took place in Krakow (Poland) on November 29-30, 2023.

Before the discussion started, Maciej Sałata (Comarch) and Katalin Kauzli (PartnerHUB) presented their views on how to build SME Banking ecosystems.

Maciej stressed that to build an ecosystem the following three components are crucial: continuous APIfication of the banking industry brings democratization of access to data; choice of the right technology and IT architecture is crucial; and partnerships.

Watch his presentation below:

Katalin shared some examples of closed and open SME banking ecosystems, and stressed that the ecosystems were inevitable and banks should decide now how they will participate in that.

🚀Nelson Wootton, and Filip Jaskula shared their experience and challenges in building SME ecosystems in SaaScada and Santander Bank Polska respectively.

Watch the recording of the discussion: