CEE23: Digital Customer Onboarding & prevention of frauds

  • How has the digital onboarding process of SME customers evolved over the past few years?
  • What are the biggest challenges in the digital onboarding process of business customers?
  • How technology can help to decrease the risk of cybercrimes?

These were the main questions I discussed with the panelists at our latest CEE23 SME Banking Conference on November 29-30.

As an introduction to the panel Wiktor Jaszczak (Facephi) and Enrique Caballero (Aware) did two presentations.

Wiktor talked about the hidden costs of digital onboarding, and in particular how bad user experience and abandonment impact the banking business (42% of customers report abandoning the sign-up process to a new service because the onboarding process dragged), manual process costs, costs of extra integrations, cost of fraud, higher bandwidth and CPU costs.

Enrique focused his presentation on how AI and deepfakes are impacting digital identity and digital customer onboarding.

Wojciech Widenka (ING Bank Poland) and Pawel Jaszewski (BNP Paribas Bank Polska) shared their experience in their banks; and Wiktor Jaszczak (Facephi) and Enrique Caballero (Aware) shared their experiences and views on that from the side of tech companies, providing digital customer onboarding tools.

Watch the recording of the panel: