Data-driven core banking

Powering the creation of feature-rich products and exceptional customer experiences

SaaScada is a NextGen data-driven core banking engine founded from the desire to ensure that first-class products are available to all. Our business grew from a successful venture we pioneered in 2012 to provide banking services to customers who were underserved by mainstream banks. As a result, we do things differently so that the innovators who choose us can create products to suit the widest range of customers. Our unified product hub makes it possible to rapidly create a suite of market-leading banking products and our cloud-native architecture enables us to power best-of-breed ecosystems through our open APIs and real-time event stream.

Unified Product Hub

Our unified product hub signals an end to costly siloed product modules, making it possible to rapidly create a suite of market-leading banking products & services using a centralised set of product features. Those using the SaaScada core banking engine can create any number of product types without the need to buy and integrate product-specific modules.

This makes it possible to quickly pivot to meet market demand or leverage new opportunities.

Features can also be used to create wallets within products to help your customers manage their finances. This can be as simple as separating essential spending from discretionary spending or can be tailored for more complex examples such as proving an account with different wallets for household spending, savings, foreign currency and perhaps assisting a child with university expenses. Each wallet can even have its own card and IBAN if required.

Our users have utilised this flexibility to add new product features such as high-interest savings wallets quickly and easily within current accounts in response to changing customer appetites and changing interest rates, allowing them to retain (if not increase) share of customer.


SaaScada is a genuine cloud-native solution rather than simply cloud-enabled. Our data-driven core leverages cloud-native command query responsibility segregation (CQRS) architecture and event sourcing to power real-time data insights and exceptional customer experiences.

By separating the execution side of our system from the querying side we have optimized the read and write operations on our platform independently. Our ledger is based on noSQL technology, optimized for carrying out operations within the context of a single account.

Anything that happens on the ledger is published through our event processor, then picked up by the read side of the system which organises the data into views that allows for complex querying across all accounts on the platform.
Our data is stored unstructured because, by its very nature, structured data means that someone has taken a view at a point in time to decide what is important. By storing unstructured data, all historical data events are available to inform product innovation, or run reports should regulatory requirements change. This provides the best of all worlds – high throughput, a resilient transactional ledger and a dynamic query approach.

Open APIs

The true power of our event-driven core is that the same event stream we use internally is made available to our customers through our open APIs. What we see on a daily basis is that this transparency and unrestricted access to real-time data drives innovation across our customer base. It unlocks their ability to build engaging experiences by combining transactional insight with information from other systems in the ecosystem to build truly personalized experiences.

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