Digital identity solutions

Streamlined new user onboarding that doesn’t compromise security or compliance. 

Fast, frictionless and secure identity verification and eKYC for your customer onboarding process.

The onboarding process requires an accepted form of an ID document and a customer selfie.

A customer seamlessly completes the user experience by scanning their ID document and taking a simple selfie, all through the convenience of the app. Real-time OCR automatically extracts the data from the ID document, while matching algorithms compare the selfie to the ID document photo to determine likeness. A liveness check is carried out with Passive Liveness to ensure that the customer is live, present, and is who he/she claims to be. The verification is complete in under 5 seconds.

For greater security, the biometric onboarding process can include:

  • Real-time AML screening against PEPs, sanctions and watchlists
  • Age verification and geolocation for country restriction compliance
  • ID document validation with NFC reading and third-party database screening
  • Digital signature capture for easy agreements, contracts, etc.
  • Multi-document support for flexible onboarding
  • Video onboarding for a more engaging experience
  • Multi-biometric options for flexible and secure authentication

With our advanced technology, customers enjoy an onboarding experience that is not only swift and seamless but also unparalleled in user-friendliness. At the same time, businesses are assured to the highest degree that they are interacting with genuine customers through robust KYC and AML processes that guard against fraud and money laundering. Our solution also significantly reduces the time and cost associated with new customer onboarding, offering a substantial boost to both scalability and conversion rates.

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Anna Cieślik

Product Marketing Manager at Comarch
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