Synesgy Platfom

The Synesgy platform is a comprehensive solution covering 3 #ESG areas: environmental, social, and corporate governance.

The solution has 2 basic functions: self-assessment à assess your own organization (ESG score) and / or head of supply chain à monitor your chain of partners and suppliers. These functions can be used together or separately.

By using the Synesgy Platform, companies can:

– assess the actual state of your sustainable development – prepare your own audit of non-financial data in one place in the cloud and manage this data (certification in the next year)

– obtain an #ESG score based on ESG reporting standards and the CRIF rating agency

– build an ESG strategy based on a recovery plan – a list of ESG action proposals generated individually for the company after self-assessment

– invite companies from your own supply chain and partners (value chain) to certify

– monitor the level of sustainable development of its business partners

– check the level of sustainable development of business partners before starting cooperation (invitation to self-assessment.

What distinguishes the Synesgy Platform from other solutions of this type on the market are the following elements:

– comprehensiveness of the tool based on ESG standards and competences of building scoring by CRIF experts

– fast certificate generation time (ESG score) along with a recovery plan – a few minutes

– no barrier to entry to the Platform:

— free access to the platform (registration)

— paid self-assessment from the 2nd year of using the Platform i

—-free account for Head of supply chain.

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Natalia Iwan

Product Marketing Manager at Comarch
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