Comarch Open Platform

Comarch Open Platform - the first real cloud-native, fully flexible Digital Banking & Insurance Engagement Platform

Comarch Open Platform is the first real cloud-native, fully flexible Digital Banking & Insurance Engagement Platform, developed to serve business and corporate clients in an omnichannel way. The solution embeds a wide range of ready-made business-banking micro applications or services encapsulated in an ecosystem of business values, dedicated for small, medium and large companies, for speeding up their day-to-day work in a frictionless way, quickly delivering new value, i.e. new products. The solution is unique in its focus on the SME segment.

Such prepared and developed solution allows for an easy start of digital transformation, and to smoothly conduct the next phases, with an assumption of a tight collaboration between the vendor and the bank, insurer, and fintechs, with no influence on current operations, while mitigating the higher risks in the entire project.

The platform has been projected based on:

  • API-first approach for best communication, integration and utilization of data via well-organized open interfaces
  • Embedded CI/CD processes (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) for faster continuous delivery of new value to client – up to more than once per day
  • Microservices architecture for more optimized development process, divided into separate teams working in parallel
  • Fully Agile-oriented development process for better efficiency and accuracy to the fast-changing market demands
  • The ability to flexibly define E2E processes requiring customer interaction – banks can partially digitize their processes and minimize risks, optimize costs for investments, etc.
  • Customer self-configuration tool for critical processes – respond to increased hotline traffic, or to quickly modify the request process with configurable forms

Comarch Open Platform bets on solid technological foundations

Comarch bets on solid technological foundations, built thanks to many years of experience in the digitization of the financial sector, among others. We use the best architectural practices based on microservices and micro frontends, designed in accordance with the overarching assumptions of cloud-native applications. It’s a modern technology backed by proven tools, processes, and a practical know-how.


  • Framework for the front and back office – functionally-extensive frames for flexible configuration and content supplementation
  • Comarch Design System Library – a range of graphic components with detailed design and technical documentation, along with seamless UI/UX
  • Starters for creating micro-applications/development tools – ready-made starters for creating microservices
  • CI/CD processes, DevOps tools – efficient and effective implementation processes and continuous monitoring, and responsive development of applications
  • API-based integration and SSO – interfaces based on OpenAPI 3.0, allowing the use of services and easy integration with third-party applications
  • Technical microservices – a set of ready-made technical services that are a component of each application



  • Configurable dashboard – individual configuration of the widgets
  • Micro Frontend Management Console – providing users with services without involving developers
  • Self-administration – configuration of the work environment
  • Form Creator – providing products, surveys and applications without involving IT
  • Print Out Creator – document templates and printouts open for personalization
  • Business Process Creator – implementing the production of service or business process
  • Rules engine – defining business rules for the implementation of dependencies in processes
  • Communication – a multi-channel set of tools for client interaction
  • Analytical tools – continuous monitoring of your business
  • Native wrapper – web applications embedded in the mobile channel
  • Permissions and Access Management – configuration mechanisms to map various corporate security structures
  • Information Campaign Management – no-code content creating and flexible distribution management

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