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In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, the need for banks and financial organizations to adapt, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences has never been more critical.

As financial institutions are keeping pace with ever changing regulations, the demand to have digital touchpoints, to collaborative and the imperative to onboard corporate clients efficiently, onboarding solutions for the corporate clients need to make a paradigm shift from being process centric to customer centric.

At the intersection of innovation and industry expertise, Appzillon Corporate and SME Onboarding redefines how banks and financial organizations onboard their corporate and SME clients via an intuitive and engaging omnichannel experience . Corporates and SMEs take nothing less than a few weeks to months in onboarding themselves to the banks for various types of accounts and the a key contributor to this delay is the transparency of information available about the business, its associates as well as the lengthy and archaic paper and process driven approach followed by bank .

With Appzillon Corporate and SME Onboarding banks and businesses can collaborate on a common platform to exchange information , documents , perform KYC checks and several risk checks needed as part of Digital onboarding . With an configurable workflow and in built AI tools corporate client be it sole trades, large conglomerates or even financial institutions can choose the most convenient way of onboarding themselves in a self-service driven approach or get necessary assistance from the bank during the onboarding process.

The key to a successful onboarding is its ability to allow collaboration and transparency of information throughout the onboarding process while keeping it simple and quick.

Solution Overview

In today competitive landscape, where agility, compliance, and digital innovation are paramount, Appzillon Corporate and SME Digital Onboarding emerges as the definitive solution to revolutionize the way banks engage with their corporate and SME customers. This transformative platform redefines the corporate onboarding process, offering a plethora of benefits that empower banks to excel in the digital era.

Key Features of Appzillon Corporate Digital Onboarding:

  • Online Account Opening and eKYB (Know Your Business): Appzillon simplifies corporate account opening with a seamless online process. It integrates eKYB capabilities, enabling banks to swiftly verify and onboard new corporate clients.
  • Intelligent Data Capture with regtech API Integrations: The platform’s intelligent data capture capabilities enhance data accuracy, while integration with e-government services via APIs ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Automated OCR based capture across documents : Capture company and identity documents via inbuilt OCR capture with support across multiple languages and formats . Perform liveness detection and biometric validations where necessary to automate the process.
  • Signatory KYC and Multi-Party Access: Appzillon facilitates comprehensive KYC processes, including signatory verification. It also supports multi-party access within the corporates to offer information for onboarding while simplifying the complex corporate account setup.
  • Regulatory Compliance Checks & UBO identification: With inbuilt checks based on regulatory requirements as well as complex UBO identification aids in capturing and validation of related parties, Appzillon ensures that banks remain fully compliant throughout the onboarding journey.
  • Robust Workflow configurations: The platform offers a robust workflow engine that enables banks to configure users, departments, processes, and optimize customer onboarding journeys to align with their specific needs.
  • Detailed MIS and SLA monitoring : The platform provides detailed reporting and MIS around the onboarding application and its participants be it the customer or the bank . With automatic scheduled alerts , reminders and notifications customers and bank staff are always aware of the onboarding application stages .and can download reports in multiple formats
  • Contextual Customer Engagement : The customer and bank can engage via chat , audio video calls as well as co- browsing capabilities on the customer onboarding application.
  • Coverage Across New to Bank and KYC Renewals Journeys: Whether it’s onboarding new corporate clients or renewing KYC for existing ones, Appzillon caters to both scenarios, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

What Sets Appzillon Apart

In a sea of solutions, Appzillon Corporate and SME Digital Onboarding emerges as a beacon of innovation and differentiation. This section delves into the distinct features and capabilities that set Appzillon apart from the competition, making it the transformative choice for banks and financial institutions.

  • A comprehensive self-service and assisted service onboarding platform for customers and bank together
  • Automated AI driven document capture , KYC and biometric validation
  • Comprehensive coverage across small corporates to large conglomerates all from a single solution
  • Inbuilt BPMN workflow to support process automation across customer acquisition and originations
  • Collaboration tools to engage with customer better
  • Inbuilt analytics supported with behaviour analytics , next best actions and comprehensive understanding of customer demographics
  • A solution to reach customer on channel of choice , be it phones , tables , desktop or even wearables.
  • A cloud native scalable solution to handle multi entity and multicounty onboardings.
  • Extensive experience of implementing the digital onboarding across large banks as well as smaller banking entities.

The Appzillon Advantage

Appzillon Digital Banking solutions can be hosted on-premise as well as on cloud. The solutions can also be enabled as a SAAS offering

  • Single Source Code: Appzillon Digital Banking uses a single code base for all the supported channels viz., mobile, web, kiosk, etc. This helps the bank to rapidly introduce new features to the market across channels.
  • Micro App Architecture: Each feature in Appzillon Digital Banking has been developed as a micro application. As micro apps are modular and reusable, this architecture enables reuse of features across the Banks digital touchpoints.
  • Automation Driven: Appzillon Development Platform follows a low-code approach and comes with a number of automation capabilities. It has the unique ability to automatically generate screens and integration adapters from enterprise services. These capabilities significantly bring down the effort required to develop any new feature or customize existing features.
  • Focus on innovation: We constantly interact with leading technology analysts such as Gartner, Forrester etc., attend leading technology forums such Mobile World Congress, Gartner Symposium, Finnovate. This helps bring new and innovative features into our product.
  • Experience in SME & Corporate Banking domain: With more than two decades of experience in designing, architecting, building and implementing the Corporate Banking Core modules, we are confident about extending the domain adeptness to the channel layer to match the functional richness expected in the digital banking.
  • Ability to work with core systems: We understand core banking systems and the services they expose. We have implemented Appzillon Digital Banking integrating with many CBS like Misys, Temenos, TCS Bancs, Flexcube, Finacle, FIS Profile , Finastra , Mambu etc.
  • Trusted by Tier 1 banks: With our experience of working with Tier 1 banks like Citi, Barclays, CIMB, Mashreq etc. in their Corporate Banking space, we bring in the thought leadership in the SME & Corporate digital banking domain and the most innovative features to achieve the same.
  • Rich-Fintech ecosystem: Appzillon has integrations with many innovative fintech enablers liveness check, chatbots, facial detection, selfie, regulatory feeds, etc. which helps us in quick time to market and embrace newer functionality in the solution offering. We are the digital banking partner to Finastra, with pre-built integrations to FFDC, and few other marquee names in the industry.

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