Algolytics Data Science Platform

Algolytics Data Science Platform is an end-to-end solution that addresses all the problems in creating and running automated financial risk assessment and fraud detection processes. From data collection and processing, through modeling and model generation, to production launch and monitoring of the entire process, with the ability to easily make changes without IT support. In addition to typical data science tools, the platform allows to integrate a wide range of data (real-time behavioral data, device fingerprinting, internal and external databases), apply machine learning algorithms in the assessment process and run advanced solutions in days or weeks, not months or years.

Implementing our platform allows our clients to significantly increase their margin stream through process automation, precise risk management and higher conversion.

The solution is distinguished by:

  • Comprehensiveness – covering all aspects of the creation and launch of risk assessment and fraud detection processes
  • Flexibility and simplicity – thanks to an intuitive user interface, drag&drop mechanisms and ready-to-use modules, the creation of decision-making scenarios and implementation of any changes is fast and feasible without IT support
  • High efficiency of risk assessment – ready-made risk assessment models verified on the market (models are based on behavioral data (biometrics) and location analysis and are characterized by high risk and fraud assessment accuracy (ROC – 84%, GINI 67%))
  • High performance – ability to process hundreds of thousands of queries/records per second for more than a dozen predictive models and scenarios at the same time
  • Ready integrations – ability to use multiple internal and external data sources, credit and business information bureaus, government registries, AISP (identity confirmation and transaction labeling), remote verification; Ease of attaching new data sources

Customer comment:

“Machine Learning-based solutions are steadily transforming the financial sector, so in this industry it is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ to reach for even more effective tech solutions. That is why we decided to cooperate with Algolytics. We opted for reliability, effectiveness and dependability of the partner – exactly the same values that we offer to ComperiaRaty customers on a daily basis.”

~ Szymon Fiecek, Member of the Management Board of S.A.

Platform elements:

  • Tools for Data Science / Machine Learning Teams:
    • Algomaps – data quality and location intelligence
    • Event Engine – feature store
    • Advanced Miner – data mining and modelling
    • Automatic Business Modeler (ABM) – Machine Learning (AutoML)
    • one
  • Solutions in the area of risk assessment and fraud detection
    • Machine learning module – tailored self-learning models and ready-made generic models (scoring, anomaly detection)
    • More than 400 generic customer verification rules – KYC and anti-fraud procedures
    • Decision scenario creator – define your own scenarios using drag & drop technique
    • Ease of integration with internal and external data providers (e.g., BIK, CSO, AISP) and Algolytics spatial databases
    • Behavioral biometrics – tracking user actions on websites and mobile applications (based on tracker data, a digital signature of the user is created)

The solution is available as a SaaS service, Managed Instance or on-premise deployment.

Algolytics solutions are used by companies in such industries as: 

  • Banking (Alior Bank)
  • Leasing (mLeasing)
  • Fintech/Loans (Comperia)
  • Insurance (Interrisk)
  • Telecommunications (3 out of 4 major telecoms in Poland)



Advanced Miner

Automatic Business Modeler

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