CEE22: The importance of biometric onboarding for the banking industry

Enrique Caballero – Sales Director EMEA at Aware (USA) – during the latest CEE22 SME Banking Conference presented the topic of the importance of biometric onboarding for the banking industry.

Enrique demonstrated the current trends in the financial market and paid attention that the COVID-19 pandemic has directly affected them. Among them:

  • Mobile device usage increased, as well as the number of large-scale data breaches and identity theft.
  • Customers’ willingness to visit local branches decreased.
  • 56% of Europeans have been the victims of identity theft and fraud in the two last years.

In such a situation, the usage of biometrics could bring the right balance between the smoothness of the process for the end user and security, helping to reduce fraud and to have an understanding that processes on digital onboarding are secure.

Leveraging mobile biometrics:

  • Mobile authentication (remote, mobile device-based biometrics).
  • Multiple biometric modalities (flexible face and/or voice recognition options).
  • Regulatory compliant (privacy-focused, GDPR-compliant).
  • Robust security measures (passive liveness detection and matching).
  • Frictionless user experience (quick and convenient to use).
  • Robust document verification (fast verification of worldwide documents).

Enrique gave the example of the Knomi mobile authentication biometric platform, which uses mobile devices and browsers o provide a trusted registration process and authenticate financial customers safely, securely, and conveniently.

What are the advantages of using Knomi?

  • It has a mobile face and/or voice recognition.
  • It’s GDPR compliant, it has iBeta level 1 and level 2 certified.
  • It has on-premises and cloud options.
  • It’s iOS, Android, and browser-based.
  • It`s a secure verification of 11,000 documents worldwide.

Moreover, Enrique shared examples with the audience from his life experience of how biometrics is essential nowadays.


To learn more details, watch the full video below: