CEE22: The best mobile banking for companies: overview of new functionalities in ING Poland

ING Bank Poland is a winner of 3 consequent years of our SME Banking Awards in the CEE region for the mobile banking solutions for business customers.

We, at SME Banking CLub, analyze 90 criteria to evaluate the functionality and the best solutions in the CEE region (click for more details).

For mobile banking applications, criteria are divided into the following groups:

  • Mobile onboarding process 
  • Access to accounts & transfers in LCY and FCY
  • FX module
  • Cards module
  • Deposit module
  • Lending module
  • Factoring & trade finance module
  • Integrations of e-invoicing, accounting, BFM, POS modules, etc.

ING Bank Poland offers to its business customers 2 mobile applications: Moje ING – targeted the entrepreneurs, and ING Business – the one for companies. This was the target of previous years, and the way apps were developed for SMEs. Precisely, the Moje ING app was a winner of our CEE SME Banking 2021 Awards for the best mobile application for entrepreneurs, with implemented 75 criteria out of 90 analyzed – the absolute maximum on the market.

Here are some of the most interesting functions implemented in the Moje ING app during the previous two years:

  • Identity Verification with a Selfie
  • A customer can customize App’s Dashboard
  • A customer can set up access to several functions without logging in to Mobile App: (See balance on the current account, See Debit and Credit card balance). For those functions, customers can also set up how they see the information on the screen: amount, percentage, or nothing. Customers can make transfers between their own business accounts, and personal accounts by adding icons of transfers and mobile payments to the dashboard
  • ING Bank Slaski was one of the first that aggregated accounts from 7 banks in the app for PI & PE based on the Account Information Service AIS (PSD2)
  • Implemented integration with e-invoicing and online accounting: possibility to issue the invoice and upload invoices in the mobile app, pay invoices with 1 click after making a picture in the app, etc
  • Integrated micro factoring which allows financing invoices after issuing them directly in the app.

It was decided this year to migrate all the customers to ING Business mobile app, which is developed by Joanna Więek-Sitek team. She will share the new implementations and developments at the upcoming CEE22 Conference on November 25.

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