CEE22: SME Digital Lending Platform

When thinking about the digitization of banking processes, it all should start to form the business strategy itself. This was the focus of Christian Ruehmer’s (Q-Lana) presentation during the latest CEE22 Conference in Prague.

He stressed that one of the first essential things that every business owner should do is to develop a business strategy.

The high-quality business strategy consists of:

  • Understanding the value of qualitative and quantitative knowledge about customers, sectors, and the market. After all, there is no competitor will have better information about the opportunities and risks.
  • The Strong customer focus through multiple channels of interaction including, were reasonable human interaction. Staff, using technology will be an asset to create business opportunities.
  • Adjusting the digital platform needs to the needs and character of an institution, allows to open the era of digital banking, without dropping core values.

Digitization should be a part of the business strategy.

What is the strategy?

  • Customer centricity.
  • Risk mitigating/sharing.

What is the concept?

  • Data and process structure.
  • Risk appetite.
  • Relationship pricing.
  • Physical footprint.
  • Agile operations.

What are the tools?

  • A platform for workflow/analytics.
  • Product development process.
  • Implementation partners.
  • Risk-sharing partners.

What does Q-Lana propose to its customers?

  • The platform provider is a key advisor.
  • More impactful financial service.
  • Knowledge-based lending.
  • Human aspects of digitization.

After that, Christian demonstrated the structured data collection and the structure of Q-Lana – project structure and workflow in detail.

He noted that Q-Lana uses digitization as a journey, which starts from digitizing existing operations, then deriving and learning from insights, and finally – developing and adding advanced versions.

Christian shared some screenshots of examples of the Q-Lana application and noted that the company has in its offer services for financial institutions, financial funds, SME Lending Fund, and the Q-Code Platform.


To learn more details, watch the full video below: